Duronic Luggage Scale Travel Bag Weigh LS1013 Digi

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IT’S TIME TO BE A SMART TRAVELLER – Airlines have tightened their baggage restrictions for both cabin and checked luggage. If you don’t measure your bags and cases before travelling you risk having to pay extra baggage fees if your bag is overweight. Avoid this happening by using the Duronic LS1013 scales, weigh your bag/s to ensure they meet the airline’s requirements and have peace of mind that you won’t face extra unexpected fees
NO MORE EXCESS BAGGAGE FEES – Don’t get caught out at the airport – it couldn’t be simpler to avoid those unwanted extra fees. Simply whip out your new Duronic digital scales, weigh your bag/s and check they meet the airline’s allowance before you travel. If your bag/s too heavy, distribute the weight into another bag. Luggage scales are a must-have, add them to your list of holiday essentials to make sure you’re prepared for stress-free travel
3 WEIGHT UNITS TO CHOOSE FROM – These scales have a clear digital display which allows you to read the weight in kilograms (kg), pounds (lb) or stones (st). Whether you’re familiar with the imperial system or the metric system, these scales will be easy to read and use. They have high-precision sensors for accurate measurements of anything up to 50kg, a tare function to weigh each addition to your suitcase separately, and an overload indicator to avoid exceeding the scales’ limit